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A Very Long Engagement Icons

A Very Long Engagement:
+ Audrey Tautou
+ Gaspard Ulliel

Directed by:
+ Jean-Pierre Jeunet

01.  02. 03. 
07. 08.  09. 
10.  11.  12. 
13.  14.  15. 
16.  17.  18. 
19.  20.  21. 

Icons by treehuggericons.

I am a horrible person.  I got these screencaps from someone's site, and didn't record it correctly, and have NO CLUE who made them. : [ If anyone who sees this has an idea - or if the person who made them sees this, PLEASE TELL ME WHO MADE THEM!  They're beautiful caps and they deserve credit!  Kay thanks!

What to Know
+ Credit treehuggericons, won't you?  Stealing my work is not nice.
+ Textless are not bases.
+ If you like what you see, why not friend me?  yay.
+ Comments are lovely. [I adore flattery!]
+ ENJOY THEM!  YAY!  The bestest part! :]

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