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04 November 2007 @ 01:05 am
[100] Gilmore Girls Rory&Jess Icons. [&theactors]  
I've unlocked a batch of 100 icons containing:

[25] Alexis Bledel
[25] Milo Ventimiglia
[25] Rory and Jess
[25] Milo & Alexis

[ here here here ]

Thanks for looking!
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treehuggericons: treehuggericons likes milo and alexis.treehuggericons on November 8th, 2007 05:23 am (UTC)
hahaha. she is gorgeous. i'm stunned at the diversity she can pull off. being a prostitute in sin city, the good girl in traveling pants and tuck everlasting, and then rory on gilmore girls. like. slut and good girl, and from what i know, people didn't stop liking her because of sin city - which they usually do with people like that. grow up doing all disney flicks, and then you do a horror flick where you're naked - essentially equal situations.

oh. i still watch it. everyday almost. with my mom. hahaha.

that's what a lot of people said. all of their convos were suddenly over the cell phones, so you didn't get the cutsy physical relationship anymore. but i'm glad she went. RORY had to go to college. and if they had ended the show after high school, i would have been upset.

which relationship was your favorite? lovers, friends, family, whatever.
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treehuggericons: treehuggericons loves milo's face.treehuggericons on November 9th, 2007 05:51 am (UTC)
it's the next movie on my queu at netflix. i'm super excited. i sent out my old dvd laaaast saturday [ like.... two saturdays ago ] and have been waiting since then for tuck. [a lot of weird things happened, which is why it's taking so long]

the diner guy is luke. i think suki is right. paris is that one girl. hahaha. paris is psycho. the end. hahaha.

degrassi. i really should watch that show more often. it's never on when i have time to watch tv. who's your favorite there? i haven't seen buffy in years! not since it switched stations. and then i was an angel fan. <3 i've had the buffy box set on my wishlist for years. haha. i loved it growing up, but it's soooo not the same thing at all anymore. i saw the beginning of an episode the other day, and decide to work-out instead.

you're right. you're very right. but i love getting hooked up on outside stories ... even though they weren't that 'outside'.
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treehuggericons: treehuggericons gets naked by the ocean.treehuggericons on November 9th, 2007 06:32 am (UTC)
oh. i watched pre-alex/paige. but i know i did NOT like alex. i liked craig and.... erm. oh man. the girl that then got with crippled boy. hahahahahahahaha. oh well. you know who i mean. they were CRAZY. but i liked them a lot.

aw. that was sad. my saddest/angriest gilmore moments are mostly of jess and rory not working out. obviously. i mean, i know they're soul mates.

oh no no no. i have. it's going to be the third or fourth time i've seen it, i just haven't seen it in a verrrrry long time. i know what it's about, and i think basically what happens, but i don't KNOW the movie. and the boy is so fine.

it makes me want to see the fountain. :[ my friend joe hates me for not having seen that yet.
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treehuggericons: treehuggericons loves milo's face.treehuggericons on November 9th, 2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
ohhhh. so she's one of THOSE characters [the kind that it takes time to love them].

ashley. yes. well. i meant their relationship was crazy. every time i watched, they were having some sort of fight, or he was flipping out. he was super passionate about her.

yes. jess. milo. the one i made that post with. dean was a perfect first boyfriend. the end. jess is just perfect for rory.

the show's over. it stopped after the seventh season. the writer's made some ver odd decisions for season six, and then the company wouldn't extend their contract, so the writers quit, and the seventh season were new hires trying to clean up the 6th season mess. and they also tried to end it so that people might be okay with th ending, especially with season six. it was very dramatic off-screen, i must say.

yes! that is the one i'm talking about! it looks realllllly good.
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treehuggericons: treehuggericons digs halloween.treehuggericons on November 9th, 2007 08:32 pm (UTC)
here is one site that kind of discusses it. this one is about the lead writers reaction to the last episode and what not.

i really don't want to tell you a whole lot about the show. i really think you ought to watch it. sooo. you're going to decide right now if you'd rather hear it from me, or watch it. there's really not a whole lot i can say if you want to wait and see. but i will tell you if you want to just hear it.
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treehuggericons: treehuggericons dreams of neverland.treehuggericons on November 10th, 2007 12:12 am (UTC)
oh neat! my library just started getting movies and tv shows a year or so ago. i know they have educational shows, and like discovery channel stuff, but they also had dead like me! it was so exciting.

when do you move?

you're not part of netflix or anything like that?

and if you have no luck, i will definitely tell you. but if it's a show you used to love, i promise you'll love it again now! hahaha.
(Deleted comment)
treehuggericons: treehuggericons is very magical.treehuggericons on November 10th, 2007 05:41 am (UTC)
i was trying to think of just the tv shows that i saw at my library. they have a really great selection of movies though. a lot of my favorites are there.

that's ridiculous! how did they get all of them?!

oh. what about all of your stuff? and isn't that thanksgiving-eve? i'm moving that weekend too! kindred souls.... hahaha.

they're super cheap. and having just one movie is nice. you get it in the mail and send it back the same way. your list is online. [no people interaction!] netflix is amazing, and i think you especially will appreciate it. they have a verrrry large selection of movies, and on the page of the movie there are reviews, and comments, and all things a good movie page should have. they also have some movies that you can watch right off of your computer. i haven't done that yet though. and my queu is like..... 300 strong? at least? so they don't forget stuff at all. and if you lose a cover or something, they're cool about it - you just send it in with your other one! [we have multiple movies out at a time in my family]

netflix has them! they really are expensive. my mom buys them for me sometimes at costco. and i havent' watched any of the ones she bought me for christmas yet. oh geez. now i feel bad. :[ speaking of not watching her presents, she got me the original [french] version of birdcage for my.... 15th? birthday, and i still haven't seen it. awwww.

so yes. go look at netflix. or *for shame* try tv-links.co.uk or something along those lines. veoh.com they all have movies and tv shows. but i really only watch my foreign shows at those sites, because i feel bad otherwise.